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 Natural Cosmetics

Live from Corumo Group – delicate yet strong: our Dr.AtoQ Cream. The ideal all-day companion for sensitive, as well as normal, dry and irritated skin. Pure water, extracts of traditional medical herbs are the key ingredients, that calm and balance the skin. While organic olive, jojoba, sunflower and rice oils hydrate and moisturize. Tip: If you like to use a heavier, rich Day Care in winter, this might be the perfect solution for summer.


Complementary skin care
Corumo Group has been achieving to attain the best beauty products for skin care since the company was found in the year of 2010. It is helping to usher in a new era of skin science in cosmetics by using water soluble, natural materials & oils, bio and microorganism culture extract
Through knowhow accumulated over many years, it is cultivating technical collaboration with world-class brands and acquiring patented technology. it seeks to amaze the world once again with its new research endeavors in the coming years.
Celljens’ beautiful research which drives beauty trends is propelling forward at this very moment.

FREE Alcohol
FREE Ethyl alcohol
FREE Phenoxyethanol & Paraben
FREE oil (only acne)

FREE SLS – Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
FREE SLES – Sodium Laureth Sulfate
FFREE PEG – Polyethylene Glycol.

Natural Cosmetics - FEMININE CLEANSER

Selected Brands

Refulls Dr.Q

  • 93%
With Caviar Extract and Herb for more Sensitive skin Relieves sensitivity and dryness.

Refulls Cavar night serum

  • 92%
With Caviar Extract and Herb for more radiant skin The effect in the morning & acne

Refulls innerRium

  • 100%
With Caviar Extract and Herb for care of Y zone more safely

A deep hydration infusion for plumped skin all day

Provides a healthy-looking glow and a dewy-fresh complexion
Keeps makeup fresh all-day
Strengthens skin’s moisture barrier

Ideal For

Dryness, dehydration
Keeping makeup fresh all-day
Strengthening skin’s moisturebarrier
Moisturizes, replenishes and soothes sensations of discomfort and of itchy skin

Brand Story


Refulls has acquired unique expertise by placing bio herb&caviar at the service of cosmetic science. This original scientific approach relies first and foremost on the skin's knowledge and its biological mechanisms to formulate its products. Unique combinations of ingredients restore your skin’s hydration and moisture balance.


Instantly illuminates and smooths. Restores density to the skin at all levels. Intensely nourishes and hydrates.

How To Use

Refulls Dr.Q

Apply on your body and gently massage into skin.
Apply on your body often if you need.

Refulls Cavar night serum

Apply in the evening after cleansing and toning.
Apply daily all over your face and gently massage into skin.
Apply to your entire face, (neck and chest if desired).

Refulls InnerRium

Dissolve one capsule in warm water (about 5ml) when bathing or cleansing.
Afterwards, wash with water lightly.

About Company

Years of deep interest in cosmetic and the based on our continuous research, we produce professional cosmetics which can help effective skin care of trouble skin.​ Our cosmetics have removed the harmful ingredients as much as possible in order to match with the trends of present that regard “taste” and “health” as important. In order to produce cosmetics that satisfy both “effectiveness” and “safety,” we make raw materials with safe ingredients and herb ingredients that can give a certain effect.​ The basic idea of “BIO” which is the easiest to make good cosmetics with many years of experience and know-how is delicious(excellent effect) and healthy(safe) cosmetics.